paper city and bricks

paper city and bricks

Sunday, 4 December 2011


'Kings and Queens' Martin Wollerstam

I have been given the really exciting opportunity to assist Alex Noble not only in the studio but with the curating at Dalston superstore, in preparation for me to take it over in the near future.

Dalston superstore takes inspiration from the bars of Berlin, a Fully functional bar/club but with constantly changing art exhibitions that transform and refresh the space.

The first exhibition....... 
'Something Surviving' Saskia Wickins

MMU is an collective of artist with a like minded way of seeing art and the world. Kingdom was the premier exhibition and what a success it was!
It was also the first time that my work had been exhibited in London. 

"MMU signifies a higher consciousness of love and enlightenment, adverse to status and
materialistic values. Stay true to yourself, embrace your passions, don't judge and don't
question yourself. Learn from tragedies"
'Portal to the unseen' Moses Powers

'Trust In Me' Alex Noble




Anna Bruder is an artist, theatre designer and prop maker.
who graduated from Saint Martins in 2004.
For 8 years she has worked in the industry not only prop making but creating amazing installations for sets and back drops.
Anna Bruder COMPLETELY transformed the space of the bar, making every accessible surface white. using her illustrations to bring the place alive. It was so so amazing working all night, for 3 nights in a row with Anna. She had a vision of what she wanted and achieved it to perfection. She thought of everything even down to her writing on the black board and covering the ketchup and HP sauce so they fitted in to Anna's white and black world.  

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

An overview

Some more images that sum up my personal work from over the last year.

Make sure you see my new piece at Dalston Superstore in Kingdom from Wednesday September the 7th 2011!!

Surviving from the key hole

I borrowed an old door from the Frome reclamation (Thank you very much) as part of my solo exhibition at the Black Swan in Frome. These pieces of cress found a place to start growing.

Re visiting old friends

After nearly a whole year of working for other people I will be exhibiting my very own work in a group exhibition at Dalston Superstore, as part of the collaborative group MMU.

Finding new cress friends to revisit old work to create something exciting, a bit different but still on a subject i'm not ready to move on from.
So here are some of my favorite images I found amongst the sketch books, portfolios and cress seeds!

Saturday, 7 May 2011

The Wonderful World of Alex Noble!

Long awaited, the arrival of Lady Gaga's Judas video. Counting down the hours till it was on view we hopped the blue leather body suit/ heavy shouldered jacket would make it to a main dance sequence... Yes it did! Seeing something you have made been shown to such a wide audience gives such a sense of achievement.... makes the hard work worthwhile! here is the video....... she always surprises!

Friday, 1 April 2011


Straight after the presentation and the collection was hanging back on the studio rails.
Alex was asked to design and make the costumes for Move it, a dance showcase in Earls court
bellow is the video, which involves dancing boys, gold painted boiler suits and leggings! 

The last 8 weeks

8 weeks ago I went to meet the giniuse that is Alex Noble! 
2 days later I was in the studio cutting, beading and sewing. 
22 Days and 2 weeks of little sleep, collection was ready! the LFW presentation in the crept, St Martins in the field was amazing the clothes looked stunning, the installation and music complimented it perfectly! it was worth all the time and effort that everyone had put in! 

Fabulous doesn't even beging to explain what  being apart of something like this was like.I am so grateful to be working so closely with somebody I admire.