paper city and bricks

paper city and bricks

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Even though the sun is shining I am up in the studio. I managed to wear my new pink sunglasses up the hill and now I am continuing the work on my book looking at "something surviving somewhere it shouldn't"

right (a page from the book)

Today it felt like a chilly afternoon in Falmouth, when your desperately waiting for the sun to stay out longer.

The grass has been cut on the golf course, summer is slowly arriving, even if I did have a bad cup of tea this morning! 

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  1. Why was your tea bad S? I'm sorry to hear about this. I too had a bad cup of tea - too much milk and then dropped a make-up brush hair into it. Still drank it though and as i tipped it into my mouth would watch where the hair was going...he never got in my mouth.

    O = 1
    Hair = Zero

    I win!!